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Woodpulp spunlace of cellulose and polypropylene

The wood pulp comes from the cellulose fibers of plants, which is good for absorbing water. It is a kind of natural fibers.

 The polypropylene is from oil. It is born to absorb the oil excellently.

Blended in 80% wood pulp and 20% polypropylene, it is a perfect ratio of fibers to cleaning wipes. Under this ratio, it is a good balance of strength and no lint. 80% wood pulp can ensure good water absorption, while 20% polypropylene can absorb oil fat quickly.

Produced in spinning techniques, no binders or additives are placed in the production, water pressure causes the wood fiber and polypropylene fibers to entangle with each other firmly, so that it is free of lint during the cleaning task And safe even for food.

Compared with cotton rags, spunlace wood pulp is more efficient in cleaning oil grease, which saves time and money, also reduces environmental pollution.

Wood Spunlace is increasingly used in industrial cleaning tasks, such as food manufacturing, machine maintenance, printer cleaning, aerospace cleaning, optical cleaning, beauty and care, household cleaning, etc. Spunlace of wood pulp , Spunlace polypropylene spunlace wood and spunlace polyester wood, It is an essential part of everyday life.