What is Wypall

Kimberly Clark's Wypall Introduction.

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What is Wypall?

Wypall is a brand of the Kimberly Clark wipes.


Their cleaning rag products include wood pulp spunlace wipers and paper wiper blades. Wypall woodpulp spunlace wiper blades are produced with non-woven hydroentanglement techniques. This nonwoven technique is forming fabrics under water pressure, which is a method of producing new and green fabric. Two main materials used in the production of Wypall fabrics are wood pulp and polypropylene (or so-called pp in short), which is not harmful to humans and food. During Wypall woven nonwoven production, no binders or additives are placed in the tissues, making it completely safe for humans and food.

Wypall now mainly has four spunlace wipes, Wypall X50, Wypall X60, Wypall X70, Wypall X75, Wypall X80, Wypall X90.

As one of China's old spunlace factories, Weston has been producing wood spunlace from 2005, including 80% of wood pulp 20% polypropylene spunlace. Weston X60, X70, X75, X80, X90 have good features including absorption, strength, free lint, stamping effect, and most importantly, Weston products are more cost effective.

Weston produces: X60 white softwood polypropylene spandex, X70 spunlace solid color wood spandex, white or solid embossed wood powders of X80 pp spunlace embossing embossed in diamond, X80 pizzas of wood spunlace nonwovens .

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