100% Cotton Spunlace

100% Cotton Spunlace is produced for facial mask, medical nonwovens, lady sanitary products, cotton pads. 100% spunlace cotton is natural and absorbent.

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From 2005, Weston is a professional cotton spunlace non-woven factory in China as research and development, producing, sales center of cotton spunlace nonwovens in China.


Strictly applied ISO9001 producing the standard, Weston cotton spunlace is used in:

1.Available wet towels

Our cotton Spunlace, made of 100% natural material, is used to produce disposable, environmentally conscious wet towels. Unlike pulp and rayon fabrics, this product makes the most of the strength of cotton to provide a pleasant feeling of cleanliness. Disposable wet towels made of Spunlace cotton are used in restaurants and many other applications.

2. Face masks

Cotton Spunlace, our 100% non-woven cotton fabric, is used for many face masks. The advantage of Spunlace cotton, which is made from natural material and from type to skin, is the excellent property of cotton water retention.

3.Makeup removers and powder puffs

When used for make-up removers and powder puffs, Spunlace Cotton is praised for the softness of the cotton, the friendliness to the skin, the excellent water retention property, etc. Unlike nonwovens pulp and rayon, this product not only Is kind to the skin, the environment, which gives it an even greater reputation.

4.Facial and Body wet leaves

In antiperspirant applications, Cotton Spunlace is widely used as non-woven fabrics that provide a pleasant feeling of cleanness by taking advantage of the softness and unique strength of cotton fiber.

5. Sanitary napkins

Cotton Spunlace, 100% cotton spunlace non-woven fabric, is praised for cotton softness, skin friendliness, excellent water retention property, etc. and is used in a variety of hygiene products.

6. Gauze, antiseptic cotton and masks

Our cotton Spunlace is used not only in gauze and antiseptic cotton, but also in other medical applications, such as infection prevention masks.

Made of natural cotton material, this nonwoven fabric is good to skin and environment friendly.

7. Medical application

Cotton spunlace is a good choice of bandage, medical disinfectant wet wipes, disposable wound bandage, surgical shades, medical bed sheets, etc.

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