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OEM Wipe Nonwoven Spunlace

As a non-woven yarn manufacturer, Weston not only produces non-woven wipes with its own brand, but also offers OEM service wipes for industrial or hygienic cleaning purposes.

We are always working to meet customer demand. No matter large-scale orders or small-scale orders, Weston will be responsible and will achieve customer satisfaction.

Nowadays more and more buyers tend to build their private brand of wipes, which is surely better to enjoy a long and stable interest in the cleaning products market. Weston offers professional and intelligent packages and designs for even small-sized orders to clean up businesses.

If you are interested in having private label of cloth lines, please contact with us. We have several cleaning solutions in the marketing of your wipes.

Wipes material: Spun wipes (viscose + polyester, wood pulp + polyester, wood pulp + polypropylene), wipes, microfiber wipes

Application: industrial wipes, food wipes, clean room wipes, wipes for cleaning mirrors and mirrors, oil grease cleaners, multi-purpose wipes, kitchen cloths, wipers, SMT wipes, aerospace wipes, wiper blades

Sweep Formats: Perforated Roller, Interroll Cleaners, Coreless Rollers, Folding Room Wipes, Pop-Up Wipes, Monster Rolls, etc.

Weight: we produce jumbo rolls so you can decide the weight of the fabric during our weight range;

Color: also you can decide the color of the towel cloth for reasons of safety or convenience;

MOQ: We know that the high MOQ for new cloth business starters probably means big waste if your trial plan in the market fails, so weston sets the MOQ as low as possible. For most wipes, the MOQ of the wipes is 500kgs, more or less.

Are there still concerns? Please check the frequently asked questions or contact us: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.