Kimtech similar lint free preparation meltblown Kimwipes

Kimtech kimwipes similar lint-free wipes designed by Weston. It is 100% non-woven fused melt polypropylene.

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Kimtech similar lint free preparation meltblown Kimwipes

There is no doubt that Kimtech is a great wipes, is lint free and quite absorbent. It is almost good for any surface cleaning.


But the problem is that it is expensive in industrial cleaning tasks. You can choose Weston Meltblown as new options. The same material, the same functions, the same absorption, the same force, why not?

This is the preparation wipe designed by Weston. It is similar to KimTech meltblown wipes. Since it is produced entirely in Weston China factory, so general prices are much lower than Kimtech kimwipes. These Weston prep large wiper blades are durable and low lint wipers for repeat use with cleaning chemicals and solvents. Ideal for cleaning oils and greases and for automotive print and paint applications, Weston wiper blades are 100% silicone free.

Compared to Kimtech's fabrics, what's the difference between Weston's meltblown preparation wipes?

Weston offers more gram wizard options for customers, from 50gsm to 120gsm. Therefore, it would be flexible to choose a gram magician to produce light, medium duty and heavy oil grease cloths.

And second we offer more color options. Apart from the traditional blue, we offer turquoise, white, red. So it would be easy for you to distinguish the area from the cleaning task by different colors of the cleaning cloth.


Ideal meltblown wipes for repeat use with cleaning chemicals and solvents

The large roll format offers high capacity dispensing that is ideal for busy areas and can be easily moved

Industrial wipers and wipers

A variety of high quality wiper blades and fabrics for all industrial purposes, both light and heavy.

Wipes OEM: Disposable

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