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Weston Disposable Atlas Dustsheets Protection Coverall Furniture coverall
Made from 55% wood pulp and 45% polyester fibers, Weston disposable atlas dustsheets are soft, strong disposable dustsheets that work just like traditional ones.
Unique 'splash-proof' non-woven composite fabric sheets
Perfect for decorating and maintenance work as protective coverall
Splash-Resistant to protect from paint drips and splashes
Atlas Dustsheets feel and drape just like cotton fabric - use on the floor, or over furniture, etc.
Perfect for contract decorators, local authorities and maintenance departments.
No laundering required.  Use until too heavily soiled - and then discard.
Disposable Atlas Dustsheets are waterproof protective coverall for maintenance of furniture, machines, or anything needs to be protected against dust, moisture, water.
Choice of sizes and pack quantities.
Ready-to-Use sheet sizes & packs:
4 x 3mtrs (12' x 9') (approx. size) - 10 sheets per case
4mtrs x 6mtrs (12' x 18') (approx. size) - 5 sheets per case
2mtrs x 1mtr (6' x 3') (approx. size) - 25 sheets per case
Other size can be customized.