10+ years manufacturing

Weston Manufacturing produces spunlace nonwovens from 2005, such as viscose spunlace, woodpulp spunlace, cotton spunlace and finished various spunlace wipes.
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Weston has 10+ years history of manufacturing spunlace and spunlace wipes.

In 2005, Weston introduced from Germany and Italy three productions lines of Fleissner and Neumag. From 2000 to 2010, Weston devoted itself in promoting the replacing and upgrading of traditional wipes in Chinese market.

At that time, in China people cleaned in daily life or industrial applications mainly with old cloth or cotton rags. Then Weston encouraged the market to use more clean and convenient spunlace wipes.

  • 2005, Weston was founded in Hangzhou, China;
  • 2006, Weston introduced 3 spunlace production lines from Fleissner and Neumag;
  • 2006, Weston started to do research and development in woodpulp laminated spunlace;
  • 2007, Weston started woodpulp polyester spunlace production;
  • 2008, Weston started woodpulp polypropylene spunlace production
  • 2010, Weston began converting with its 28 nonwoven wipe converting lines

From second half of 2010, Weston found it necessary to get a place in global market. And years later, now, a series of international brands are benefiting from a clean world brought by Weston Wipes, including 3M, Mercedes, MacDonald, Heidelberg, Boeing, Samsung, etc.

Anything we do is supporting our clients to build a strong cleaning wipe brand in local market,

Weston is a reliable nonwoven supplier for you if you want to build a wipe brand!