Full Converting Plans

Weston offers full converting plan of spunlace jumbo rolls into spunlace nonwoven wipes, spunlace wipers, nonwoven wipes, spunlace cleaning wipe cloth, nonwoven clean wipers.
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28 converting machines can meet any of your requirements of folded wipes, perforated rolls, pop up boxes, etc.

In Weston you can get any packing style you’ve ever seen in the market: quarter folded, Z folded, M folded, interfolded, or combined folding among them, perforated rolls, etc.

For viscose polyester spunlace, we recommend perforated rolls or quarter folded packs for you; and for woodpulp polyester spunlace, or woodpulp polypropylene spunlace, which are mainly for industrial cleaning, we recommend pop up boxes for you since it would be easy for workers to get wipes from it without making the rest fabrics dirty.


In one word, we can recommend you proper packing style for your cleaning purpose.

  • Quarter folded;
  • N style folded;
  • M style folded;
  • Combined folded;
  • Perforated rolls;
  • Interfold style;

Currently, we cover almost all folding or packing styles in the market.  So your choice would be flexible and versatile.


Fabric design serviced: print your logo on the fabric to make your wipes unique, which is free service.

Anything we do is supporting our clients to build a strong cleaning wipe brand in local market;

Weston is a reliable supplier for you if you want to build a wipe brand!

More information or free samples, please contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.