Here you can get good spunlace nonwoven wipes

Weston has strict control in spunlace production from fibers to fabrics. We also invite customers to join us in finished wipe productions. You can decide the color of the wipes, the weight of the cleaning wipes and the wipes format. We do everything to promote the quality of spunlace non-woven wipes while lowering prices.

Our Services

Spunlace manufacturing

Weston factory covers most of spunlace cleaning materials. After decades developing, now Weston boasts 4 production lines introduced from Germany, Italy, or domestically.

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Professional Converting

28 converting machines can meet any of your requirements of folded wipes, perforated rolls, pop up boxes, etc.

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Skilled Design

Weston has a professional design team. They help clients to reach the ideal package effect they want.Currently we can do almost all the packing patterns that you see in the market

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Hot Spunlace Nonwovens

The most popular spunlace nonwovens ordered by customers according to the database.

What makes Weston different

Professionally help you build a brand of spunlace cleaning wipes
All of Weston professional men work together to make perfect spunlace nonwoven wipes
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