Strong Research and Development

Weston attaches great importance in new fuction wipe cloth research and development
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Each year, Weston Manufacturing develops new spunlace nonwoven wipes to meet upgrading market demands.

We have an 8 people team who once majored in nonwovens or worked in big brand companies of nonwoven industry. Weston Manufacturing never stopped exploring new technologies in spunlace nonwoven manufacturing, especially in spunlace cleaning wipe cloth. Apart from traditional viscose/polyester spunlace, we expanded our product range to woodpulp and polyester laminated spunlace, which now are popular in industrial cleaning industry and medical protective field. Based on globally existed technology, we optimized much of it.

Currently, main producers of woodpulp and polyester laminated spunlace in the world can only produce parallel lapping spunlace fabrics whose strength is not good enough if the fabric is applied in medical performance such as surgical gown and drapes. Weston Manufacturing introduced cross lapping in the hydroentangling process so the whole strength of the fabric will be largely enhanced both in MD and CD.

For the woodpulp and polypropylene laminated spunlace, we introduced world advance technology and are able to produce fabric with any blend ratio of woodpulp and polypropylene.

In the world, now the main popular products are:

1. 80% woodpulp and 20% polypropylene laminated spunlace, mainly used as oil grease wipes;

2. 50% woodpulp and 50% polypropylene laminated spunlace, mainly used as oil and water cleanings.

Weston Manufacturing upgraded technology based on the above, and can produce any blend between the two material.


Weston Manufacturing loves trying new technology and would like to cooperate with its clients in new products development to embrace more achievements.