Skilled design

Professional and beautiful wipe cloth outside design for clients. Professional wipe products OEM.

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Weston has a professional design team. They help clients to reach the ideal package effect they want.

Currently we can do almost all the packing patterns that you see in the market, such as:

perforated rolls, inter-folded rolls, quarter folded, N/M folded, etc.

For packages, we can offer simper plastic bags, cpp+opp plastic bags, pop-up boxes, etc.

Here are the instructions:

After placing order, we will appoint 1 or 2 designers for your package design if you need. After a full communication, she will know your ideas, and finish the artwork within 7 days.

Then she offers a draft for your confirmation, if right, we will submit the artwork to our package factory to produce a sample. Then this sample will be sent to you for confirmation.