Visit Weston at Stand 4193 in Geneva in April 2023

The Index 2023 nonwoven show will take place from April 18th to 21st in 2023 in Geneva.

Weston welcomes you so much at Stand 4193.

New nonwoven products and technology will be shown then. Spunlace nonwovens aiming at disposable wipes, cleanroom wipes, industrial wipes, wet wipes, baby wipes will be there.

We cannot attach more importance to the green technology and environment protection through sustainment development theory. We invest more in biodegradable nonwoven research and development.

Now our biodegradable nonwovens include 100% cotton nonwovens, 100% bamboo fiber nonwovens, 100% lyocell nonwovens, cellulose and viscose blended spunlace, 100% hemp fiber spunlace, etc.

These nonwovens are not only beneficial to our earth, but also good to human beings. Most of them are natural fibers without additives or chemicals, so they are good as body wipes, facial wipes, baby wipes, medical nonwovens, etc.

Traditional spunlace nonwoven technology has been enhanced during past years in Weston R&D center. Cleanroom wipes made from cellulose and polyester face less linting problems because we updated carding machine from parallel to cross one, the MD and CD strength has been promoted a lot, so fibers cannot come out easily.

Food service wipes are more versatile for your choice. We offer 100% bamboo fiber food service wipes, its natural color is born with it, no colorants. It is HACCP and FDA certificated to be food safe. It is super absorbent to oil and grease.

We look forward to meeting you in Geneva at Stand 4193, dear friends.

Meet Weston at ISSA Show North America 2022 in Chicago

Are You Ready for ISSA Show North America 2022 in Chicago? Make sure to meet Weston at Stand 546.

America market is among our most important ones. In the past two decades, Weston keeps distributing its high-quality nonwoven products to North and South America market. The perfect cooperation between Weston and clients in these areas brings big benefits to all of us as well as end users.

What new products will Weston bring for ISSA show?

We never stop the work of R&D to make better nonwoven products which are more eco-friendly, functional and cost-effective. You will see not only traditional cleaning wipe materials, but also newly developed ones aiming at Covid-19. Spunlace nonwovens including viscose polyester spunlace, pulp/polyester spunlace, pulp/polypropylene spunlace, wet wipes especially disinfecting wipes and functional wet wipes, filament microfiber nonwovens, etc.

Weston always believes science and technology make better life.

Long time no see, dear friends!

Let's meet in Chicago, friends!

Weston spares no efforts to support city in distress

Recently many cities are suffering from Covid-19 in China. Weston never stops its production of nonwoven fabrics as protective material including spunlace for wet wipes, spun bond and melt blown nonwovens for face masks and protective gowns.

In order to help these cities fight their latest COVID-19 outbreak, we increased more workers and production lines to produce at full speed.

Until April 28, we have shipped 2800 tons of spunlace, spun bond and melt blown nonwovens to domestic cities including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Xi’an, etc.

Producing nonwovens since 2003, Weston is known as a professional producer of disposable wipes and medical nonwovens.

Welcome-March 2020 Switzerland (Geneva) International Nonwovens Exhibition INDEX

2020 Geneva International Nonwovens Exhibition, Switzerland, INDEX 2020

Exhibition time: March 31-April 3, 2020

Exhibition cycle: every three years

Organizer: EDANA European Nonwovens Association

Venue: Geneva PALEXPO International Exhibition Center

Exhibition area: 50000 square meters

Number of exhibitors: 666

Number of visitors: more than 12,700 visitors from 106 countries

INDEX2020 provides interactive links to showcase innovation and R&D, enable the discovery of nonwoven applications and enhance the understanding of its potential. You will find solutions to R&D challenges, provide inspiration for newcomers and graduates in the industry, and activities and displays that help individuals and companies establish connections.

Welcome to Weston Stand 4604.

What are Benzalkonium Chloride (BZK) Antiseptic Wipes used for?
Benzalkonium Chloride (BZK) Antiseptic Wipes are non-sting, alcohol free, hygienic cleansing towels used to sterilize skin and surfaces. Benzalkonium Chloride, the most commonly antimicrobial preservative, is the particular functional ingredient used in Weston’s BZK Antiseptic Wipes. BZK was at first used in hard contact lens solutions, but nowadays it is applied everywhere. So for those who are sensitive to alcohol wipes, BZK Antiseptic Wipes can be a better choice.

What are alcohol wipes used for?

With the recommendation of CDC, wipes with at least 60% alcohol concentration can effectively kill virus-causing bacteria. While Weston alcohol wipes have 70%, leading to kill 99.9% of germs that could cause sickness. In order to disinfect effectively, let the alcohol remain wet for 30 seconds, that is to say, after applying, don’t immediately wipe it dry—wait for at least 30 seconds.

What are Quaternary Disinfectant Wipes used for?

Weston's Quaternary Disinfectant Wipes are recommended for use in hospitals ,long term care facilities, clinics, labs etc. They can be used on washable hard and nonporous surfaces. Combining fast kill times with outstanding material compatibility in each single wipe, Weston’s Quaternary Disinfectant Wipes can deliver effective cleaning and disinfecting in your daily life.



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