printed Spunlace microfiber nonwoven wipes

as printed Spunlace microfiber nonwoven wipes, weston Spunlace nonwoven printed microfiber wipes are printed with the logo as glass and mirrow wipes, car polish wipes, called microfiber wipes, spunlace microfiber wipes, non-woven microfiber wipes, printed microfiber wipes

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Spunlace printed nonwoven microfiber wipes

Weston increasingly receives microfiber spunlace OEM orders from countries around the world.

Currently there are not many professional spunlace microfiber non-woven products suppliers globally. Weston is a good choice. It has long experience producing nonwovens spunlace microfiber, is a mature product.

Weston prints its logo and design on microfiber fabrics.

It is printed clearly with food coloring safe in the HACCP standard.

Color: white / yellow / blue / pink / customized

Material: 70% Polyester, 30% Polyamide

Weight: 40gsm-180gsm

Maximum Width: 2250mm

Microfiber Non-Woven Wipes Hygiene and Safety

It can be used as:

  • Wet microfiber wipes with any microfiber resistant solution
  • Dry wipes to clean any surface
  • Pistol wipes
  • Microfiber car wipes
  • Surface that prepares the microfiber wipers
  • Microfiber non-woven windscreen wipers
  • Microfiber wipes for headlight restoration
  • Non-woven glass and mirror microfiber wipes