woodpulp Spunlace perforated rolls

The Woodpulp Spunlace perforated roll is made from the spunlace of the wood shovel. It is easy to pull a wipe when you do the cleaning task. Weston converts the woodpulp spunlace into the perforated rollers wipers. High absorbent and fluff free.We can produce more than 100 kinds of perforated rag rollers.

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woodpulp Spunlace perforated rolls

Today we introduce what kind of spunlace spunlace wooden perforated roll wipes that Hangzhou Weston Manufacturing can produce. As of 2005, we produced jumbo rolls not spunlace woven wood pulp and then we started to produce finished spun wipes.

Up to now we can produce more than 100 types of nonwoven wipes, including spunlace perforated roll wipes, spunlace quarter fold wipes, wood spunlace cotton wipes, waxless wipes, wipe box.

Over perforated roll cloths, we can produce the width size less than 2000mm, roll diameter less than 1000mm. So you can almost satisfy any demand to clean the fabric dispensers.

Why are perforated spunlace roll cloths made of wood pulp popular?

It saves time, money and space.

Perforated sweep rollers are the most popular format in all non-woven varnish formats, as it is easy to remove from the cleaning roll, and does not need to be placed in any dispenser, saving time, money and space. When you are busy doing the cleaning task, you just need to use one hand to pull a cloth from the perforated roll, and soon return to your cleaning job, it is time saving.

With over a decade of experience in converting non-woven wipes, Weston knows how to make rolls according to the exact needs of its user. Weston's research team conducted many experiments to see how long the drilling distance should last, which will make starting a piece of cleaner easier and reduce the chance of lint and fiber. We import the world's Bastian cutting and drilling machine, which drills the fabric precisely and completely. When removing a cloth from the cleaning rollers, it is easy and there will be no lint or fibers. All in all, it is a good format for industrial wipes.

What spunlace wooden spunlace drilled roller cleaners for the recommendation?

In addition to these rollers, Weston also developed an increasingly new size and new perforated material for new industries, such as jewelry wiping cloth, camera lens wipers, printer cleaning rollers, wipes , Automatic maintenance cloths, aerospace glass cleaning rollers, small SMT perforated rollers, ink cleaning rollers, paint roller cleaners, etc.

Weston Popular Perforated Roll Size?

According to Weston's order data, the following perforated roll size are frequently produced for wipes OEM:

32cm * 43cm, 475 sheets per roll (same size with X80)

25cm * 48cm, 416 sheets per roll (same size with X60)

28cm * 41.5cm, 80 sheets per roll (same size with X80 cloths more)

32.50cm * 42cm, 500 sheets per roll, 80gsm 

30cm * 38cm, 400 sheets per roll, 78gsm 

32.50cm * 42cm, 500 sheets per roll, 75gsm 

32cm * 42cm, 500 sheets per roll, 50gsm 

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