Weston x50 similar to pop-up box woodpulp spunlace wipes

Weston X50 Cloth POP-Up Box Wiper is a good cleaner OEM product if you want to build a strong industrial wipes brand. It is produced from 60gsm polypropylene and wood pulp. The pop-up box cleaner allows you to easily get a wipe of the box when you are busy doing cleaning tasks.it is also woodpulp spunlace wipes.

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Weston X50 Cloth Similar to POP-UP Box Wiper

Based on traditional hydro-entanglement technology, Weston optimized spunlace absorption and softness of nonwoven wipes.

It is a professional cleaner cloth, similar to X50 interpolated cleaner, is flat surface.

Made of 80% of wood pulp, 20% polypropylene, 60gsm spunlace fabric, it is super absorbent for water and grease.

Packaged in box cleaner pop-up, you can feel easy to get a piece of wipes each time even with one hand when you are busy doing cleaning tasks.

You can find it good for any surface cleaning in your workshop, super absorbent and durable. The tests showed that they absorb 600% of their own weight.


Superb absorbent spunlace cleaners, binder free

Ideal for general cleaning and cleaning

Absorbs 600% of its own weight in oil and fat

Sheet size - 230 mm x 320 mm (w / l), 176 wipes per distribution box

               Package: 10 dispenser cartons per carton

Composition: 80% wood pulp, 20% polypropylene

Specification: 23cm * 32cm, 176 sheets

Weight: 60gsm

Color available: white, red, blue

MOQ: 1300 dispenser cases

Wipes OEM: Yes

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