Woodpulp Polyester Lint Free Aerospace Wipes

weston woodpulp spunlace Similar aircraft wipes are made of 55% wood pulp 45% polyester spunlace lint free fabrics. It is highly absorbent and durable. It is a good choice for airplane wipes, aerospace grade wipes.

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Woodpulp polyester Lint free Aerospace wipes

Designed specifically for the aerospace industry, Weston aerospace wipes are a good choice for cleaning and maintaining your aircraft, rockets. Manufactured in a super-clean yarn / hydro-entanglement process, these cleaning cloths contain no binders and do not leave lint at all. These aircraft cloths are 23cm * 42cm per cloth and are packed in the pop-up boxes of 100 wipes.

All Weston-class air cleaners are clean from the box. In contrast, rental towels may still contain chemical residues, stains and metal chips after washing. Cloth made from used clothing is often spotted and lacks the absorbing energy and other characteristics necessary for critical cleaning tasks.

Weston Aerospace grade wipes are ideal for cleaning dry surfaces because they are made from highly absorbent cellulose fiber blends that do not include additives to promote absorption. And they are ideal for cleaning hard-to-reach corners.

Weston aerospace grade wipes are specially designed to stop hooking on metal parts and corners. That is why they are superior to paper tissues that are hooked and tear, leaving lint behind. Like lint-free wipes, Weston aerospace grade wipes also outperform cheese wipes, which can fray and leave behind the threads that result in new work.


• Exceptionally clean aerospace cleaner-Weston does not contain binders, additives, chemical residues, contaminants or metal chips that can cause surface damage

• Higher absorption speed: Weston wipes can make cleaning work complete faster

• Low Lint Performance: Weston aerospace wipes help minimize defects and contamination

• Durable - Weston aerospace wipes high strength fiber fabric makes aerospace grade wipes less prone to snag on metal parts and sharp corners

• Addresses isopropyl alcohol, MEK, MPK and other aggressive solvents without crumbling

Composition: 55% wood pulp, 45% polyester

Specification: 23cm * 42cm, 100 sheets

Weight: 68gsm

Color available: white, turquoise, navy blue

MOQ: 1500 popup boxes

wipers OEM: Yes

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