Wavy Line Printed Spunlace for Food Service Wipes

Wavy line printed spunlace food service cloths is the traditional one of spunlace food cloth. It is made of viscose and polyester fibers.

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Wavy Line Printed spunlace nonwoven Classic Wipes at HACCP standard

The All-Purpose Lightweight Aperture Structure (APW) provides effective feed and dirt collection, as well as high absorption capacity.

Available in a wide range of product formats to meet your cleaning and cleaning requirements

Great overall performance in a wide range of industries, including cleaning, catering and food service.

Opening to ensure efficient collection of food and dirt

Compatible with cleaning agents

Just use and remove

Color code polyester viscose spunlace to help consumers comply with hygiene HACCP standards

Available in folded and roll formats

Composition: viscose, polyester

Weight range: 30gsm-120gsm

Web: parallel rotation, transverse rotation

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* Please contact Weston for food safety report