HACCP standard Food Safe Herring Bones Printed Spunlace Nonwovens Restaurant wipes

HACCP standard Food Safe Herring Bones Printed Spunlace Nonwovens Restaurant wipes are made from viscose and spunlace. It is good absorbent for water and oil and durable. It is good food service wipes for restaurants.

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HACCP standard Food Safe Herring Bones Printed Spunlace Nonwovens Restaurant wipes

What is most important for food? Safety! It is much more important even than its taste.

As food service wipes, also it shall be safe too food and human.

Spunlace nonwovens has come into being for long as disposable food service wipes, food cloth. You can see it in restaurants across the world as various food service wipes, Sushi service wipes in Japan, pizza service wipes in Italy, Lobster service wipes in USA, Peking duck service wipes in China, fish and chips service wipes in the UK, Jamón service wipes in Spain, coffee wipes in Italy…


Why is spunlace food service cloth necessary?

  • it has excellent oil absorbing power, extra oil on the food will be absorbed soon when the food is put on the food service cloth; human can get in less oil.
  • after serving as food cloth, it can be used in dish towel for many times since it is durable and reusable.
  • beautifully and safely printed decorating on the cloth will increase food beauty, promoting restaurant brand image. also you can print your logo or cartoons on the fabric.

Food service wipes need to touch food directly, it means this disposable wipes shall reach HACCP standard (which means the product is friendly to food and human).

In china, Weston is one of the rare factories that produce restaurant food service spunlace nonwovens and spunlace wipes at HACCP standard. From its producing workshop environment, workers’ dressing, hat, foot coverall to raw fibers, water and colorants. The colorants used to color code the spunlace fabric can’t be more important. Weston applies china’s top brand colorant supplier and get HACCP certificates in 2011.

The all-purpose herring bone printed light and medium duty aperture structure provides effective grease and dirt collection, as well as high absorption capacity.

Not only herring bone printed spunlace, more printed viscose spunlace nonwovens are available in a wide range of product formats to meet your cleaning and wiping requirements.

It offers great overall performance in a wide range of industries, including cleaning, catering and restaurant food service.

Opening to ensure efficient collection of food and dirt

Compatible with cleaning agents

Just use it to clean any dirt and grease

Color code polyester viscose spunlace to help consumers comply with hygiene HACCP standards

Available in folded and roll formats

Composition: viscose, polyester

Weight range: 30gsm-120gsm


We recommend monster roll spunlace wipes to restaurants, big packs save money.

We accept OEM food service wipes order now, more information or free samples, please contact with: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.