HACCP Standard Brown Spunlace for Coffee Wipes

This Chux coffee-like wipes are produced by Weston Manufacturing in the HACCP standard.

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These are coffee spunlace cloths designed in the HACCP standard.

Hygiene is critical for restaurants, coffee shops, hotels and food manufacturers, and a commercial cleaning cloth that is HACCP certified (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points), a recognized endorsement for food safety management procedures. foods. WESTON® versatile viscose spunlace wipe, a hygiene specialist, is made from a blend of soft foam non-woven viscose that is extra strong and extra absorbent and is color coded for use in a wide range of areas including commercial kitchens, Bathrooms and dining rooms, coffee wipers, which makes it easier to keep surfaces clean.

These durable cleaning cloths are available in a selection of specialty colors - utility blue, commercial kitchen kitchens and food preparation areas, brown for coffee grounds, yellow for when infection control is critical and red for The bathroom areas.

As each color cleaning cloth is designed for a specific area and task, this helps ensure that the materials are not used in multiple locations. This minimizes the risk of cross-contamination.

What makes a good coffee cleaner or coffee service towel?

Features and benefits of these spunlace coffee wipes include:

Convenient, thick, hygienic and reusable

Stronger - 75gsm fabric

Cloth with opening to quickly collect dirt and spills, then rinse and reuse

Color-brown, blue, green, color-coded system maintains good hygiene standards (HACCP)

Lasts longer with 45m - 90 sheets / roll according to recommended size

Controlled use with perforated plate, avoiding unnecessary waste

Application: coffee wipes, kitchen wipes, hotel wipes, wipes from other food services

Your logo can be printed on the cleaning cloth

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* Please contact Weston for SGS food safety report