HACCP X60 similar Polypropylene Woodpulp Industrial Spunlace

HACCP X60 similar Polypropylene Woodpulp Industrial Spunlace are made from 80% wood pulp, 20% polypropylene. it is super absorbent and lint free.

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A high performance range ideal for cleaning up spills and cleaning. It is essential where hygiene and safety are at vital level. Industrial cleaners are ultra-absorbent, tear-resistant and hard, so they last longer and can be rinsed and re-used. It is similar to X60 printed woodpulp spunlace wipes.

Piece by piece dispensing controls usage. The superior cleaning performance and 100% use of each cleaner gives you greater value through a lower cost of use.

Made with SPUNLACING quick-absorbing material unique and suitable for heavy machinery and parts cleaners, solvent surface preparation, rough surface cleaning, kitchen preparation and cleaning, general food cleaning, sanitary segregation for hygienic applications and high cleaning Resistance to any application, absorbing more oil and water.

Composition: 80% wood pulp, 20% polypropylene

Weight: 40gsm-120gsm

Color: blue, pink, yellow, red, green, brown, etc.

Width: 15cm-210cm

MOQ: 500kgs

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