Wypall X70 Similar Medium Duty Workshop Spunlace Wipes

Similar Wypall X80 wipes are made of 80% wood pulp and 20% polypropylene. Its embossed honeycomb is designed for medium duty workshop wipes. Same function, but 30% cheaper than Wypall wipes. It is also called woodpulp polypropylene wipes, or pulp pp wipes.

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A reusable cleaner with highly absorbent woodpulp spunlace technology, strong and durable (wet or dry), withstands most solvents, reduces waste, allows for quick cleaning. Weston's polypropylene oil grease wipes are similar to Wypall's but help reduce costs compared to Wypall X60, Wypall X70, Wypall X80 and Wypall X90.

Ideal for: heavy jobs in industrial areas; Clean machinery and parts thereof; Clean rough surfaces without breaking; Clean grease, oil, solvents, heavier dirt; Preparing surfaces.

Available as: large and perforated roll for use in occupied areas. It can be used with a range of mobile or assembled dispensing systems to help control usage and reduce waste.

Weston wipes in blue are made of high quality fabric that gives extra absorbency and wet strength These branded workshop wipes are manufactured to the highest standards giving a constant and repeated cleaning cloth.

A premium Weston wipers. After being converted into similar Wypall X70 or Wypall X80 wipes in the dispenser case, these large wipers are dispensed one at a time from the dispenser case for controlled use and are easily transportable from one job to another. Ideal for precision industrial cleaning.

Used for:

Ideal for cleaning and cleaning spills, etc.

Better than paper for wet strength and rough sweeping.

Everyday essential product for, car garage, engineering, manufacturing and mobile repair shops etc.

Weight: 60gsm-120gsm

Color: blue, red, white

Width: 15cm-210cm

MOQ: 500kgs

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