Weston X90 blue strengthed jumbo rolls 75% more oil absorption

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Weston X90 blue strengthed jumbo rolls 75% more oil absorption 


The Weston X90 Range has been specially designed for manufacturing process tasks, where durability, low lint and high fluid capacity are key requirements. 

Weston X90 releases 90% of absorbed solvents and can reduce product waste by up to 35%, helping you to manage spend and wastage. Suitable for the toughest of jobs around your facility, when you need durability, low lint and high fluid capacity. Leading the way in solvent wiping, our goal is to support you in improving productivity and efficiency whilst reducing waste by delivering a clean, reliably consistent and reusable cloth. Advanced Spunlace technology ensures each cloth is strong, durable, highly absorbent and solvent resistant. Perfect for use in industrial manufacturing. 

Supplied as a high capacity roll and when used with the mobile roll dispenser, provides product just where you need it. 


Low lint and low extractable (the compounds and contaminants that could wash out onto a surface), for clean solvent wiping.

Reduce your solvent spend—these heavy duty cloths have excellent fluid reservoir capacity (for absorbing and delivering fluids); they release 90% of the solvents they absorb, outperforming rags.

Use wet or dry—these ultra-soft, reusable cloths are ideal for heavy wiping, prepping surfaces with solvents and cleaning metal shavings.

Ideal for clean manufacturing processes.


This product is sold as 1 large capacity roll x 450 blue, 2 ply cloths (450 total). 


Individual sheet size: 32cm (L) x 30cm (W), 450 sheets per roll.


Material: 80% woodpulp, 20% polypropylene;

Weight range: 100gsm to 250gsm;

Layer: 2

Color available: standard color is light blue, but customized color is available