Pocket Designed Double Face Scrubs Dotted Massage Make Up Removal Cotton Pads

Pocket Designed Double Face Scrubs Dotted Massage Make Up Removal Cotton Pads are made from 100% viscose, it is like pocket, so it will keep fingers clean when making up.

Pocket designed double face scrubs dotted massage make up removal cotton pads

The cotton pads have two different side, one is spunlace dotted scrubs at high temperature, the scrubs are firmly dotted on the cotton surface. When it is touching face skin, these small dots are effective cleaning points and massaging points on the skin, helping skin gently exfoliating. When you put fingers into the tiny pocket, there is a waterproof film in it which prevent your fingers getting stained by cleansing oil, similar to cotton spunlace.

On the other side, it is pearl embossed spunlace, used to clean face skin, remove cleansing oil and make up power after the first step

FDA certificated, being soft and absorbent, these 100% unbleached viscose fibers cotton pads are specially produced with two surfaces for either face or nails, ensuring best softness and lint free. 

• The lightest textured surface is ideal for applying lotion and creams, e.g. cleanser

• The compact surface is ideal for applying liquids e.g. nail polish remover and toner.

• This surface does not fluff or lint, it is therefore ideal for contact lens wearers.

• This product is manufactured using Lenzing unbleached viscose fibers without any binders, colorants, additives. Natural and healthy.

Certificate: SGS/MSDS/CE

Material: 100% viscose


Package: privately design bag or boxes

Service: OEM/ODM

Certificates: SGS/MSDS/CE

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