Weston AP high tech non-woven polyester/nylon microfiber paper for paint canvas

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Weston AP is a high tech non-woven polyester/nylon microfiber paper that loves ink!  Weston AP is archival and acid free. It is soft, beautiful to the touch yet incredibly strong and resilient. It whisks away and equalizes moisture yet is is remarkably resistant to mold. It does not stretch or tear even under pressure. Due to its lightweight and dimensionally stable properties, Weston AP is an unbelievable product in the book conservation and art restoration fields. It can be used in chine colle or as a backing for fragile papers.


Sheet Size: 22" x 30" or customized

All Rolls are 80" wide:  58gsm x 20yd; 98gsm15yd; 168gsm x 10yd   


The ultra-fine web of fibers will capture even the smallest size pigments of the selected medium making colors vibrant and intense. It can be primed for painting canvas or used directly since linseed oil will not harm it.

The possibilities of Weston AP are endless in the creative artistic world.


Weston inspires!

It feels like cotton mouldmade paper, but it’s nylon!

Weston AP is the next generation of non-woven microfiber paper, and it loves ink!


Weston AP can be used like canvas. Doesn’t need to be primed since linseed oil won’t hurt it. There are no layers to worry about. Foolproof for stretching.  Never sags.

Weston AP can be misted with a spray bottle to emulsify a dry medium. Then you can even draw on it.

Weston AP dries flat. Does not stretch and maintains perfect registration.

Even varied plate sizes leave no plate marks.  Save on copper.

It dampens instantly but with some inks prints well also dry.  Clay monoprinting favorite.

It loves ink no matter what plate you serve it on – intaglio, litho, letterpress, monoprint.

It can blot up to 5 times its weight of water. Perfect for dampening Japanese papers.

Comes up to 80” wide, one mile long.  Steam roller prints or murals anyone?

Always dries back rapidly and absolutely flat. However, if you wring it when wet or launder it, it will turn from a sheet into a soft fabric you can sew. Foam roll it with a fabric dye or tint it to any color.

Weston AP is archival, inert, UV resistant, tear proof and dimensionally stable.

Available in 168gsm, 98gsm and 58gsm. Weston AP is pure polyester and pure nylon and nothing else. No plasticizers, no additives, no fillers.

Weston AP is a hi-tech nonwoven split microfiber sheet with worldwide patented technology.

Weston AP allows you to gallery wrap your prints. No matte, no glass, no fuss.

Thank you for rethinking your art with Weston AP!


Lightweight, anti-wrinkle and PVC-free with a unique matt surface and fabric drapability. Great for giclees, murals, banners, posters and a whole lot more.