Filament Microfiber Non-wovens

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Filament Microfiber Non-wovens Wipes

The Weston microfiber non-woven wipe is made of endless microfibers using a combined spunlacing and spunbond technology. The unique properties are excellent cleaning performance combined with a scratch-free result.

Color: white / yellow / blue / pink

Weight: 65gsm-180gsm

Width: 1650mm

Microfiber Non-Woven Wipes Hygiene and Safety

With the color coding system, a cleaning process can be applied according to hygiene standards.

Sizable time savings

The high cleaning performance and the result without scratches in a single cleaning step saves a lot of time.


The volume of the material facilitates rinsing and the low friction of Weston 130 reduces stress on hands and arms.

Professional Appearance

With the color coding system, a professional cleaning process can be applied. Outstanding cleaning results are your best business card!

Material: 70% Polyester, 30% Polyamide

Usage: Weston microfiber non-woven wipe is designed as an ideal cloth for the bucket method or in a spray cleaning system.

Microfiber spunlace can be used as:

Wet microfiber wipes with any microfiber resistant solution

Dry wipes to clean any surface

Pistol wipes

Microfiber car wipes

Surface that prepares the microfiber wipers

Microfiber non-woven windscreen wipers

Microfiber wipes for headlight restoration

Non-woven glass and mirrow microfiber wipes

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