Woodpulp Spunlace for Printer Wipes

Woodpulp Spunlace for Printer Wipes similar to printer wipe is made from 55% woodpulp and 45% polyester. It is good printer blanket cleaning wipes. it is lint free and absorbent.

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Woodpulp Spunlace for Printer wipes are one of Weston patented wipes for printers cleaning.

Weston printer cleaning products are solvent resistant and durable enough to meet the specific demands of the printing industry.

Weston printer head cleaning is perfect for all stages of the printing process, from pre-printing and cleaning of blankets and rollers to printing plates, cooling rollers and cleaning of mechanical parts.

The cleaning handle of the lint-free template cleaning handle is for cleaning the printer insole. It is good for non-woven wipes, absorbent wipes, cleaning wipes, cleaning wipes, cleaning supplies, cleaning wipes, cleaning wipes, car wipes, cleaning wipes, dish cloths, hand wipes, Industrial wipes, microfiber cloths, microfiber cloths, polishing cloths, printing wipes

Weston technology creates clean, low-grade wipes that leave no chemical binders or adhesives on presses, dishes or blankets. Low-fluff washcloths remove ink and blanket solvents quickly and completely, and high resistance means no distortion under stress.

Unlike some non-woven fabrics, Weston does not use binders, chemicals or adhesives. It has exceptional mechanical strength due to the high degree of fiber entanglement.

And because the fibers are actually washed during the formation of the fabric, it has a very low lint content.

The exceptional tensile, tear and burst strength of the Weston printer's head cleaning results in long-lasting, hard-wearing cleaning. Weston printer head cleaning is resistant to acids and other corrosive substances and is recommended for use with solvents, oils and other common chemicals used in the industry.

Weston Printer head fabric blanket wash sheet absorbs more than six times its own weight of water. This superior absorption capacity is a major contributor to the overall cleaning performance of the fabric. Composition: 45% Polyester, 55% Woodpulp Base Weight: 50-80 g / m²

A wide range of thickness, width are for your choice.

Composition: 55% wood pulp, 45% polyester

Weight: 50gsm-90gsm

Color: turquoise, blue, white

Width: 15cm-210cm

MOQ: 500kgs

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