Flushable Nonwovens for Toilet Wet Wipes

Flushable Nonwovens, dispersible nonwovens, soluble nonwovens for Toilet Wet Wipes

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Nowadays pollution gives more problems for the earth. How to decrease pollutions and brings convenience to human life are the concern of Weston Manufacturing for many years. Weston R&D keeps studying producing water soluble and flushable nonwovens that can be put into toilet directly and degraded naturally without any pollutions to the world, and we did it. Weston flushable nonwovens are made from 100% natural fibers. It is 100% soluble quickly after pushing the flushing button of the toilet.

There are a few wipes market segments that both require flushability and surely will benefit from flushability, including:

  •    Adult moist toilet tissue
  •    Toddler toilet care wipes
  •    Feminine hygiene wipes
  •    Adult incontinence wipes
  •    Bath tissue

The largest wipes market today for flushable wipes is adult moist toilet tissue, which would not exist if it is not flushable. Notably missing is baby wipes, which years of market research indicate are rarely used in a manner benefited from flushability (changing the baby is not frequently near a toilet; typically, the wipe is wrapped in the soiled diaper).

How is Weston flushable nonwovens/soluble nonwovens/dispersible nonwovens produced?

This product uses an acrylic binder that forms ionic bonds in the presence of certain water-soluble ions, which can be added to the wipe’s lotion; these bonds are reversible, disappearing if the level of these ions falls below a certain level (as in excess water in a toilet). The reduction of ion concentration starts a significant reduction in wet strength, allowing the shear from normal “flushing” to cause the nonwoven to disintegrate or disperse.  Early versions had issues with “hard” water; naturally occurring ions in the water kept the ionic bonds in place and prevented the product from dispersing. Current versions have eliminated this issue.

What is the problem facing many other flushable nonwovens?

Being different with traditional woodpulp spunlace, this type of product has the problem of dispersibility being inversely proportional to strength in use; if you make it stronger, it becomes less dispersible. It also needs some long fibers to boost in use strength; too many and it will fail some of the requirements of the INDA/EDANA Guidelines. Weston feels proud to overcome all the difficulties to develop professionally flushable and soluble, safe, 100% environment friendly nonwovens for wet wipes.

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