Kimtech Similar Meltblown Low Lint Wipes

Kimtech Similar Meltblown Low Lint Wipes are made from 100% polypropylene, it is known as oil and grease absorbent wipes, lint free oil wipes

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Weston meltblown wipes are industrial wipes of heavy oil grease. It is manufactured under two types of nonwoven techniques that combine the meltblown technics and spun bond technics together. So the fabric would be as smooth as meltblown industrial cleaning wiper cloth, while its strength of CD and MD would match yarn bonding fabrics.

This 100% polypropylene fabric for industrial cleaning would be qualified to clean any surface. In addition, as a perfect oil-absorbing fiber, the fabric will perform much better in oil cleaning jobs, compared with woodpulp spunlace.

The uniformity of our basis weight contributes to superior performance properties, such as measured fluid release and high absorbent capacity. For the fusion of fine fibers, we offer a variety of bonding patterns that provide both strength and aesthetics to the nonwoven, allowing you to differentiate your brand in the market.


What is the difference between the Weston Meltblown industrial wipes from the industry and the meltblown industrial wipes Kimberly Clark Kimtech?

Weston's meltblown wipes are similar to those of Kimberly Clark Kimtech, but they have their own characteristics. Kimtech is good at controlling low linting while maintaining good fabric strength. However, it is not flexible in the options for customers, such as in the wizard's gram, color, embossing patterns. However, Weston Manufacturing is trying to offer more versatile options for customers, while maintaining the low relief and good resistance of the fabric. Apart from the wide range of Gram Magician picks, we developed some more colors such as red, yellow, white fused moist fusing rags instead of blue colors. So it would be easy to mark cleaner work areas by different colors and bring more fun to the work that Weston thinks is very significant. And for embossed type, we add more embossed pattern options aside from traditional crow foot pattern. We offer three types of pattern meltblown wipes for your choice, and two colors: white and blue.

More oil grease nonwovens of spunlace:

From 60gsm to 100gsm, and the maximum width 1600mm.


MOQ: 500kgs

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