Abrasive Hand Cleaning Spunlace Cloths

Abrasive hand cleansing spunlace cloth are made of wood pulp, polypropylene and scrub. It is good for cleaning hands after heavy industrial cleaning task. Very good clean industrial hand cleaners and nonwoven cleaning fabric.

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Abrasive hand cleaning woodpulp spunlace cloths

Made of wood pulp and polypropylene firmly laminate on the surface, this is a good hand abrasive wiper in heavy industrial cleaning task. Since wood pulp and polypropylene are good for absorbing oil and grease, these handwashing cloths are especially good at cleaning the oil. We recommend that abrasive hand cleansing wipes be saturated with solutions that promote your hand cleaning ability.

Anti-bacterial abrasive industrial wipes for high-resistance hand cleaning. Eliminates oils, grease, combustion and tar debris. Dual-sided smooth / abrasive wipe for effective, water-free hand cleansing that has been tested and proven effective against Weil's Disease and E-Coli (EA Technology Performance Report available). Top abrasive hand cleaner designed specifically for use in the field.

Unique: Hand-wiping wipes are double-sided cleaning, one side to pumice abrasive power (non-irritating), a soft face impregnated with a high-quality detergent.

Exceptional: Exceptional ability to absorb oil, grease, solvents ...

Natural: Concentrated solution based on natural soap of vegetable origin. Protects and softens hands. Biodegradable.

Ready for use: No water, no soap, no silicone. There is no need to clarify. Easy cleaning in all places. It can be used in all situations.

Recommended Application: Pre-impregnated non-woven wipe to clean hands.

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