Cartoon Printed Woodpulp Spunlace Nonwovens for Children Wipes

cartoon printed spunlace,Baby safety wipes for children are designed by Weston for children under the food grade HACCP standard. It's a lot of fun and the kids like to clean their hands for it.

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Parents are facing a problem.

Children are always easily infected when coughing and runny nose are common in schools, and remembering to wash their hands for children has never been so important. Schools are naturally close contact environments, and as such, flu and other diseases can spread quickly through the aisles. It is important that both parents and students understand how to stay healthy during the flu season.

Make sure children wash their hands properly and frequently.

Viruses, which spread rapidly, are to blame for the common colds and most childhood diseases. Since viruses are difficult to combat once you contract it, it is important to understand how to prevent catching one. Colds spread from coughing, sneezing and touching anything and everything after not washing their hands. And let's face it: children will play anything and everything, most of the time by putting their fingers in their mouths or touching their faces.

That is why it is important for your young students to develop good habits at an early age, such as washing their hands frequently. Washing your hands is one of the most effective ways to stay healthy in school. You also need to make sure your hands are clean enough.

But we have to face the hard fact that not all children like to wash their hands even before eating food. There are many reasons. It is mainly the children is less motivated to wash their hands.

Weston prints cartoon on woodpulp spunlace fabrics, which may help children love wash hands and clean hands with the lovely wipes.


If children have Weston Cuti wipes, they can begin to love by washing their hands and drying them with lovely wipes. Children love beautiful things. The cleaning cloth is designed in this theory. Beautiful cartoons are printed on non-woven cleaning fabric, it is precious and disposable. It is produced under the HACCP standard. So you can use clean and dry your hand before you start dinner, handle chips, clean your little desk. Used well with detergents or as dry wipes, the cleaning cloth will be used for the times and the color will be maintained. Children are also encouraged to wash their own lunch box with cuti wipes.

Weston is very concerned about the health of children. Each year, we work together with schools and parents to offer guidance on handwashing.

Cuti wipes are made from natural vegetable fibers and oil-fat absorbing fibers, the dye we apply is food grade in the HACCP standard. The fabric is as soft as cotton.

The surface of the cleaning cloth is embossed for easier cleaning. It also makes the wipes more beautiful.

It can be converted into perforated rolls, or folded packages in prober size for small children's hands. So everything would be easy.

Weight range: 60gsm-120gsm

Width range: 20cm-210cm

Please contact Weston for HACCP reports and free samples: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.