100% USA Organic Cotton Face Mask Sheets

Cotton Face Mask Sheets are made from 100% cotton organic cotton. Cotton facial mask sheet is good absorbing and soft skin care, being most popuar face mask sheets.

When I was a kid, I grow up in farm lands

I like playing in cotton lands in harvest season
When cotton is like thick snow, soft and comfortable
Today I make this fairy-style material into facial mask, cotton pads
Bringing beauty for you
                                                                 --Weston Cotton spunlace

Cotton is the only born-to-be natural fiber that does not need to processed with.

In order to make most safe and highest standard cotton face mask, we went to USA cotton planting areas many times, learning, visiting, researching and testing. It is genuinely good at absorbing ingredient lotions and releasing it thoroughly when it is on skin. Cotton mask sheets can keep moisture for longer time. Being soft, it is comfortable for skin care and have lowest chance to bring about allergy.

Being environment friendly, it is 100% biodegradable mask sheet. Until now, cotton face mask sheet is the most popular among all facial mask sheets.

Made from 100% organic cotton imported from USA, we guarantee each mask sheet represent high cotton facial mask standard in China. In our 100 class cleanroom, highest production rules are performed here, from environment clean to workers’ uniform, ensuring the cotton mask sheet is clean and safe.

Conformed with SGS, MSDS skin-care standard, Weston cotton facial mask sheets offer considerate care for your skin.

Weston cotton face mask now accepts OEM orders. We produce face mask with your privately designed package or box.

Certificate: SGS/MSDS/CE

Material: 100% organic cotton

Weight: 45gsm, 60gsm

Service: OEM/ODM

Package: privately designly plastic bag or box