Dupont Lyocell Fiber Facial Mask OEM

OEM service for Dupont Lyocell Fiber Facial Mask sheets. The lyocell facial mask is good absorbent, comfortable, skin-care, good strength, breathable. The sheet mask by Lyocell is with good features that other cellulose fibers do not have.

DuPont Lyocell fiber spunlace facial mask sheet

What is Lyocell

Produced by Lenzing company, Lyocell is a great invention of fiber industry in the end of last century and it is called ‘green fibers’. It belongs to cellulose fiber, but boasts much higher performance in many ways than traditional cellulose fibers, including strength, absorbing, comfort. DuPont processed Lenzing Lyocell fibers into spunlace jumbo rolls. This fabric is imported from DuPont company and converted into face mask sheets. Since it is feeling like silk, it is also called 'man made silk'.

What is features of Lyocell facial mask

High strength: Lyocell mask sheet is of good strength, similar to polyester in dry situation, much higher than natural cotton. When Lyocell mask sheet is wet, its strength still remains at 90%, similar to cotton spunlace.

Fast absorbing: Lyocell facial mask sheets absorbs water 2 times quicker than cotton face mask sheets.

Softness: Lyocell facial mask sheets feels like silk mask sheets, smooth and comfortable.

Environment-friendly: 100% biodegradable and non-harm composition in it.

All of these features make a skin-friendly, well-textured and breathable facial mask sheets. Since it feels like silk, it is also called 'silk face mask'.

Certificate: SGS/MSDS/CE

Material: 100% Lyocell fiber

Weight: 33gsm

Service: OEM/ODM

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